Thursday, October 22, 2009

candy acorn apples

I attempted my first raw vegan candy apple 'experiment' this past week, using a variation on the traditional heated, caramel recipe we all know and love around this time of year. I used the following recipe:

Candy Acorn Apples

1 cup dates (unsoaked)
1/2 cup almond mylk
1 tsp vanilla extract
hemp seeds, to decorate
pumpkin pie bar mix

Blend dates and vanilla extract in a blender, adding in almond mylk (begin with 1/4 cup) until desired consistency is reached and mixture is smooth. Paint on date mixture with a kitchen-pastry basting brush in layers.

You can chill the apples in between layers (I did about three layers overall, see these apples co-mingling/chilling in the fridge):

Arrange pumpkin pie bar mixture on top of apples, to recreate the look of an acorn. Add hemp seeds as a garnish:

There you have it - raw vegan candy acorn apples.
With a nice hint of vanilla, they make for a delicious Halloween/autumn treat! What is your favorite raw vegan recipe this time of year?


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