Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012, my year in review

The end of 2012 is drawing to a close - and wow, what a year it has been.

For me, 2012 has been a year of major life changes, travel, thrilling excitement, and powerful personal transformation. It seems like our current cultural and social climate is also experiencing tremendous shifts and changes which are leading to powerful transformations on an individual and collective level. I'm certain that all of you have, on some level, had an interesting year!

To recap, what exactly did I experience in 2012?

- well, I started to follow the flow of life, rather than try to control the outcome. In the process, I've connected with many wonderful people in different community settings, opening up to connection, friendship, and most importantly, love.

- I broke away from old patterns and paradigms, moving from an already established and comfortable life of financial stability, security, and mobility (currently missing my car lol).

- I also fell in love with a grand, sweet love who has taught me many things about life, which has helped me to became even more open and receptive to life's grand possibilities.

- I've continued to explore more 'inner work' on myself (namely yoga and meditation) and other facets of spirituality, which have helped me to get back to myself and more in touch with my passions (art, writing, music, creativity).

- I also made some recent modifications to my diet and lifestyle, which has improved my overall health and wellbeing. For more on these changes, read My Healing Journey: A Walk in Balance.

While all of these changes have been incredibly exciting, I've experienced my fair share of moments of fear and worry about the future. Some days are better than others, where I feel fine with the new changes, but there are others where I can feel quite lost and unsure as to how to navigate the next phase of my life.

I've also felt a little homesick, missing some of my dear friends back in Ontario, as well as the breathtaking Niagara nature. I've realized how important the orchards, vineyards, valleys, and meadows have been to my life. 

However, I remind myself that these emotions and thoughts are just that - emotions and thoughts - which are as transitory as each passing day. And with each day comes many different possibilities and opportunities - and being open and receptive to the positive aspects of change, going with the flow, rather than resisting it, is really where it is at for peace of mind.

I'm also reminded of the inspiring words of wisdom (courtesy of my sweet momma) that have guided me throughout my life: "follow your passions" - for they will never steer you wrong.

With resistance comes suffering, and without these changes, I wouldn't have met my new friends or experienced the incredible moments that have helped me transform into who I am at this very moment, a wild-eyed lady of the island excited for the next leap in this journey we call life!

Taking a look back, here are some memorable moments from my 2012:

Yoga Training
October 2011-April 2012

One of my most treasured pursuits in life has been my yoga practice. In October of last year, I embarked on my 200-hour hatha yoga training with an incredible collective of yogi's and yogini's. Here, I made some lifelong connections with dear friends who taught me about the power of community and the transformative potentials of yoga.

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share the benefits of yoga with others by teaching yoga classes. I'm excited to be part of the Random Acts of Yoga teaching team, a yoga collective in Victoria, and will be teaching regularly-scheduled classes in the new year. If you are in the area and would like to check out a class, you can sign up on their Meetup group.

For more on my yoga journey, visit this post detailing my yoga training experience and also a recap of our yoga graduation.


In May, I took a road trip with some dear friends to the Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massacheussets. I didn't dedicate an entire blog post to this trip due to time issues (I plan to recap our adventure in a future post), but rest assured it was an incredibly fun-filled few days which I will always cherish.

Here I am with John and Amanda, posing in front of the picturesque Berkshire mountains across from the Insitute's main building. We experienced an incredible sun-soaked three days made complete with yoga, delicious vegetarian cuisine, kombucha, and laughter. Sort of a slapstick "Three's Company" type of adventure - "come and knock on our door, we've been waiting for you..." lol.


My time at Hollyhock taught me the benefits of playing in the dance of life. During my three month stay, I felt nurtured and protected by the land, space, and people. Here, deep connections with others flourished, and through their various reflections, I learned more about myself than any other time in my life.

It was at Hollyhock that I was given a space to bear witness to myself, my passions, nature, and the kindness and love of others. My karma yoga experience has been a major turning point that helped me to set the wheels of change in motion.

For more on my Hollyhock experience, check out this series of posts

Life in Victoria
September - present

And so it was that after a very magical summer, I accepted a grand invitation and followed my heart to Victoria for a change of scenery and new adventure in a new city. It has been many years since I lived in a new city, and I was certainly up for this new challenge.

A delightful little city, Victoria is located at the tip of Vancouver Island. It's funny, ten years ago I lived in Halifax, another city located on the edge of Nova Scotia. Now, here I am, ten years later, living on the edge of another piece of land on the ocean. Sometimes similarities in life never cease.

The Universe has  provided for me in many ways at this point on my path - new job prospects and volunteering opportunities. I will also be teaching some yoga classes in the new year, and plan on becoming more involved in different activities and workshops related to my interests - namely yoga, arts and culture, and permaculture (new passion!).

Looking Forward to 2013

Its funny, sometimes I feel as if I'm a broken record, retelling my story of change to many people. But, I've gained some valuable insight from sharing my story and hearing others similar journies around change. I hope you also find some value and insight from my experiences - it is an honour to share them with all of you.

Currently, I am visiting Cortes Island for the holidays. Cortes is a magical place (as you've heard me mention before), and has some incredibly transformative, healing energy. Many people who visit here experience powerful transformations (myself included).

Walking the grounds of Hollyhock the other day reminded me of my incredible time here and broght back many wonderful memories, of the girl I was, and the girl I am to become.

With blessings and gratitude,

What changes have you experienced this year?


VeganLisa said...

Marlie, my beautiful friend, wishing you continued growth and adventure in 2013. xo

Nikki said...

A lovely recap of an exciting year. Have a wonderful new year's eve. Happy 2013!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Looks like an eventful year. Great blog by the way!! May I follow?

Happy New Year from a fellow blogger :)


barefoot_and_frolicking said...

@VeganLisa - thank you, my beautiful friend. I miss you :) Hope all is well, wishing you continued growth, adventure, and success in 2013! xo

@NIkki - thank you - wishing you all the best in 2013 as well!

@Optimistic Existentialist - thank you! Please do, you may certainly follow my blog. All the best.

Heather Pace said...

What a wonderful year Marlie! Wow, such growth you experienced. You went to Kripalu! I did my yoga training there. Such a great place. I look forward to visiting you in Victoria and taking one of your classes one day. xoxo

barefoot_and_frolicking said...

@Heather - thank you for the lovely comment! I remember reading on your blog about your training at Krialu. What a fantastic facility - I was so impressed with everything during my stay there. I look forward to you visiting one day too :)

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