Friday, November 8, 2013

a barefoot and frolicking love letter

Well folks, I'm back (here we go again lol).

Things have been quiet on the blog front lately, and it seems to go this way every few months. Like the game of life, creation inspiration and writing (for me at least), tend to ebb and flow. I've been going through a lot of personal changes lately, which definitely impacts my desire and energy to dedicate to writing. I've also been super busy in my personal life, which takes me away from the keypad.

So, what have I been up to exactly? Well, going inwards, going through the motions, experiencing the shifts and changes that are inevitable on this wheel of life, coming to terms with where I am at, and knowing I am a much better person to have gone through the changes in order to emerge on the other side with a new sense of wisdom and personal growth. Figuring out how I want to live life, and what works for me, as opposed to what works for others.

In the past year or so, I've witnessed many scenes, met some lovely people, and expanded my soul with new experiences, all of which have enriched my life in many ways. I've also worn many hats; from a free spirit, karma yoga volunteer, to spiritual seeker, yoga and University instructor, academic, scholar, girlfriend, writer, researcher, radio show host, etc etc za. I've also lived in and traveled to many a thrilling destination, including Victoria and Cortes Island in British Columbia, Ontario, and even San Francisco (a place I had wanted to visit for many years). I think my adventures will make a great novel someday, and I can't wait to write about them. 

Lately, I've been getting back to myself, spending time with myself, looking after and caring about myself, and in the process, learning to love myself, and life, again. It's an incredible process - I highly recommend it. I'm also getting back into some of my other passions, namely popular music studies and research related to my academic pursuits. I'm a sucker for music and cultural history - feel free to ask me about it sometime!

I was so busy going through said changes that I completely forget to acknowledge that this blog had her fourth birthday. That's right - I've been behind the scenes at Barefoot and Frolicking for the past four years, and what a journey it has been. On the blog, I try to share what I know and what I enjoy, and feel we are united through discussions about health, nutrition, veganism, vegetarianism, organic foods, sustainable agriculture, yoga, art, photography, music, positive thinking and lifestyle, and spirituality.

Some of my goals for the next few months is to expand the blog. I am in awe of the many blogs which continue to inspire me over the past few years, and I'd love to get to a point where I am posting on a consistent basis again with significant posts (and mouth-watering recipes, of course). The past year of my life has found me living in five different places (!) with different kitchens; it's tricky to find ones place in another space so easily, so I'm looking forward to finding a more rooted place to call home.

Simply put, I adore blogging, because it involves so many of my passions: writing, connecting with others, teaching and sharing information on topics I am interested in, photography, art, creativity, you name it. There are so many possibilities to be found with blogging, and I am elated to be part of such a progressive medium.

The way that media has changed over the past few years has brought us to a place where we are connected through technology; this is what Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan spoke of when he introduced his concept of the global village way back in the 1960s - the fact that we can have a sense of a tribal collective with the aid of technology (I am wearing my academic hat here). Although technology has the potential to alienate us, I still believe in the positive aspects of the internet and blogging; to bring together people who share similar interests and a common bond.

Without you, there would be no shared vision of what Barefoot and Frolicking represents, and for your readership and encouragement over the past four years, I thank you.

I look forward to chatting again soon; it's what we do!

Light and love,


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful post, as I have said in the past I enjoy your writing so much! Happy Blog B-day! This month marks my 4 year raw foodie B-day! I looked back over my blog and decided to do a post next on my first ever blog post. I was 7 months into my raw journey when I decided to begin blogging.
I went back to your first post and read some of your originals too. I just love doing that. It is so fun to see how bloggers grow over the years.
Happy B-day and keep up the wonderful writing.
Peace & Raw Health,

Elizabeth said...

Forgot, I also tried a hemp powder it was awful!
Curious to hear how you personally like Sunwarrior.

kelli said...


barefoot_and_frolicking said...

wow thank you so much for the love @Elizabeth and @Kelli!

@Elizabeth - thank you for your kind words; they inspire me to keep sharing my writing :) It's amazing how a personal journey goes hand in hand with blogging. I think we learn so much by sharing our stories with others. Thanks for looking back at the older posts - I do that with my favourite bloggers too!

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