Sunday, December 8, 2013

ebook review: tanya alekseeva's nourished - comforting raw foods for winter

The winter months have set in and I have a confession to make: I missed the snow when I was out West last year. Can you believe it? I know. Being back in a cooler climate reminds me of the nostalgia I have for winter - snuggling in on a cold night with a warm drink and a good book in my hands, or a good album on the turntable, watching the snowflakes fall.

Eating a diet high in raw foods can be a tad more tricky in the colder weather, because our bodies inwardly crave more warming foods to keep us comfortable. Enter Nourished - Comforting Raw Foods for Winter, a new ebook by Tanya Alekseeva from to help guide you on your raw journey through the winter season.

Tanya is a wellness coach, chef, author, Reiki do Satori master healer, and a renowned raw food and detox expert. Born in Russia, raised in New Zealand and now living in London, she focuses her coaching to ensure busy individuals achieve their most desired well-being and ultimate health objectives.

I've been a fan of Tanya's since I first became interested in raw foods a few years ago; her blog features some of the most delicious and interesting raw recipes around. I was delighted when Tanya sent me a copy of her new ebook to review, just in time for the holidays.

A perfect (inbox) stocking stuffer for the raw food lover in your life, Nourished - Comforting Raw Foods for Winter features a beautiful layout with helpful hints about staying raw in the winter, a list of seasonal produce as per the winter months, step by step instructions with corresponding photographs, and a glossary of key terms (always helpful for a raw food novice or experienced pro).

With helpful tips and hints like, "see abundance, everywhere" it's hard not to adopt Tanya's positive approach to staying raw and nourished during the holiday season but well past the frost as well. Her recipes are vegan, and gluten, soy, wheat free, which is an added bonus in my books.

The ebook features an incredible 39 (to be exact) comforting raw food recipes, separated into categories ranging from drinks & breakfasts, snacks & sides, meals, and of course, raw desserts.

As a reader, I found Tanya's ebook easily accessible through a simple, yet stunning layout. The color scheme and photographs drew my eye towards certain sections of the ebook (with the drinks & breakfasts, and desserts sections receiving the most attention from yours truly).

I was excited to learn about poppyseed milk and other intricate recipes such as a raw vegan British Savory Pie (a recipe will certainly boggle your mind - an unbelievable creation on p. 38) and the Honey Pear and Walnut Cake (p. 65). Other recipes that caught my attention are the Curried Winter Sun Burgers and the King of Pumpkin Pie (p. 58).

I can't wait to delve deeper into many, if not all, of these recipes once the weather gets colder and I'm tucked away, happy as can be, in my new kitchen. My eyes are on the fabulous recipe for Spiced Hot Chocolate, and yours should be too. 

To pick up your copy of Nourished - Comforting Raw Foods for Winter, visit It's only a click away.  


Elizabeth said...

You know it is funny when I hear this about people thinking it is harder to eat raw in the winter. Being in Florida I don't really have this problem but every winter we travel up to the mountains and I have no problem sitting out on the deck in the sun in 28-30 degree weather eating my raw smoothie soups in my PJ's. Temperature has no effect on the types of foods I eat I guess. Funny.
The recipes sound so interesting!!
Peace & Raw Health,

barefoot_and_frolicking said...

thank you for the comment Elizabeth - interesting how raw foods can differ depending on the location and climate!

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