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Hi there, I'm Marlie and welcome to barefoot and frolicking, a health and wellness blog dedicated to the many wondrous, barefoot and frolicking dreamers out there.

Here you will find recipes and discussions along the beautiful thread of holistic health and nutrition, with a specific focus on raw/vegan/vegetarian foods, organic cuisine, allergen and gluten free cooking, yoga, spirituality, the arts and culture, and more.

A little bit about me: I am a Certified Yoga Instructor, freelance writer, holistic chef, academic scholar, photographer, artist, and health activist based in Canada. I teach yoga classes, raw/vegan cooking classes, write health articles, and lead lectures and demonstrations related to holistic health and wellness. I love traveling, music, health, art, culture, spirituality, and connecting with others who share a similar vision and passion for life.

In 2009, I started my blog with the intention of documenting my personal health journey. I was already inspired by so many fantastic blogs out there, so it felt natural to share my interest in food, writing, and photography with an encouraging online community.

Many experiences along the way have drawn me towards a diet based primarily around whole, natural foods, vegetarianism, veganism, and three years ago, raw veganism. Personally, I advocate the importance that fresh, living foods have for our optimal health and vitality. With every passing day, I'm learning how important it is to listen intuitively to the body, which can mean making changes and modifications to one's health practices.

I am also a firm believer that what may work for some might not work for all; health is an individual experience and we all have different constitutions, wants and needs (oh, and don't forget desires!). Figure out what works best for you, while also incorporating fresh, healthy foods into your diet, and you'll be set for a grand outlook towards life.

For me, the phrase barefoot and frolicking acts as a subtle reminder of how we should experience and tumble along with life: barefoot and frolicking, enjoying the present moment while skipping to the beat of our own drum (preferably in the beautiful sunshine with a raw dessert in hand!).

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I hope you enjoy your stay here.
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